The GM Treble PH2D Floor-Mounted Pressurisation Unit provides advanced features in a simple, robust and effective design.

Throughout a heating system, there is always potential for slight leaks to occur which gradually decrease system pressure leading to inefficient or disabled heating. Once installed, the PH2D will automatically maintain optimal system pressure by constantly monitoring the system via a pressure transducer. When pressure drops below the entered set point, the unit will top up the system to its original cold fill pressure thus restoring optimum operating conditions.

The PH2D has the added benefit of a secondary standby pump. If one of the pumps were to fail, the digital controller will automatically switch to the standby pump, preventing any downtime. The failed pump can then be isolated and repaired / replaced at the earliest convenience.


The PH2D can be used for the following applications:-

  • Sealed Heating Systems
  • Sealed Chilling Systems
Key Features
  • User Friendly Digital Controller
  • Floor Mounted
  • Twin Pump (Duty/Standby)
  • 18L Capacity Tank with AB Air Gap
  • Flood Protection
  • Password Protection
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Programmable Relays for BMS / Alarms
  • Easy Maintenance
  • High Capacity Tank (68L)
  • Larger Pump options to provide higher cold fill pressures
  • Controller Expansion Module provides 3 extra relays

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