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The SimFlex Smedegaard circulation pump is a very attractive choice and suitable for a number of applications. Competitively priced and with an extensive range of uses.

They can operate at constant or proportional pressure, as well as be set up to automatically adapt to the optimal speed. The pump reacts to resistance/pressure changes caused by opening or closing a thermostat. Of course, this efficient pump fulfils all the latest Energy related Products (ErP) standards.


The SimFlex is best suited to the following applications:

  • hot water circulation (heating)
  • consumable hot water systems (stainless steel version)
  • air conditioning or closed cooling processes
  • industrial circulation processes


  •  Integrated speed control
  • Maintenance-free, high-efficiency, medium-cooled pump with threaded connection and frequency regulator built into the motor
  • Equipped with insulation sleeve for additional energy saving
  • Various fixed-speed settings
  • Pressure differential settings
  • Automatic capacity adjustment
  • Motor protection with automatic reset
  • Motor unblocking
  • Soft start
  • Adjustment of settings
  • Pressure differential adjustments
  • Speed adjustment
  • Night mode for minimal energy consumption
  • External notifications: LED indicators; Visual fault codes
  • In cast iron or stainless steel
Simflex c
  • Casing: JL 1030
  • Impeller: PSU**
  • Shaft: 1.4034
  • Elastomer: EPDM
Simflex N*
  • Casing: 1.4301
  • Impeller: PA
  • Shaft: 1.4034
  • Elastomer: EPDM

* Pump models are suitable for tap water applications

** From pump model 50-70 & up the impeller material is GJL-150



Max head: 4 mwc
Max flow: 2,6 m3/h
Ambient temperature: 40 ˚C
Pressure class: PN10/6

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