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The Flamcomat FG Vessels for sealed heating installations (acc. to EN12828) and chilled water (cooling) installations.

A multi function product which provides all the essential requirements for a sealed chilled or heated water system i.e. automatic expansion control, pressurisation, deaeration and make-up.

  • Unique pressure step degassing process, even when the system is in equilibrium, by combination of pressure drop and application of patented PALL-ring technology.
  • Replaceable butyl bladder.
  • Expansion fluid is stored at atmospheric pressure in the bladder.
  • Delivered with Flexvent Super, height adjustable feet and weight-capacity sensor.


Vessels 100 - 1,000 litres: in accordance with EN13831 / 1,200 - 10,000 litres: in accordance with AD2000.
Suitable for systems with a maximum flow temperature of 120 °C.
Maximum temperature bladder: 70 °C.
Suitable for addition of glycol-based anti-freeze up to 50%.
Flexible connections and hoses between pump unit and vessel to be ordered separately.
In accordance with European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
Red (RAL 3002) epoxy powder coating.

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