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Alongside industrial engineering applications, KSB’s Etaline is an ideal choice for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in complex buildings.

The in-line pump is in great demand – especially in high-rise buildings and skyscrapers – as it takes up considerably less of the expensive space that is required for traditional long-coupled designs.


The Etaline Range is best suited to the following applications:

  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Cooling circuits
  • Heating systems
  • Water supply
  • Industrial recirculation systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Service water supply systems
  • Flange connections to EN, optionally drilled to ASME
  • Standardised mechanical seal from codes 6 to 11 available as standard
  • Replaceable casing wear rings
  • Low vibration levels and very smooth running
  • Confined casing gasket
  • Designed for operating pressures of up to 16 bar
  • Also available in twin-pump design Etaline Z – for maximum operating reliability



Impeller (EN standard): 1.4408, CC480KK-GS, EN-GJL-250

Shaft (EN standard): 1.4571, C45+N

Casing (EN standard): Cast iron JL1040, EN-GJL-250


Flow rate: 700 Q [m3/h]
Flow rate: 194 Q [m3/h]
Head: 96 H[m]
Fluid temperature: -30 to +140 T [°C]
Operating pressure: ≤ 16 p [bar]

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