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High efficiency pumps with ECM-technology and permanent magnet rotor. The ecocirc BASIC can be operated either on automatically adjusted speed or on manual set speed, which makes it suitable for applications like radiant heating (one- and two pipe systems), underfloor and surface heating, boiler feed, solar stations and similar applications.

The impressively simple shaftless spherical motor design has only one single self-aligning bearing and no shaft, which significantly reduces the number of costly and complicated parts. And of course ecocirc BASIC delivers high efficiency, the EEI value exceed the ErP 2015 level.

The ecocirc BASIC is a truly reliable circulator featuring Anti-Block technology, dry-run protection and inrush current limitation. The Anti-Block technology efficiently prevents magnetite to enter the rotor chamber thus prevents blockage even in old systems. The dry-run protection and the inrush current limitation protect the motor from being overheated if dry running and damaged by high inrush currents.


The ecocirc BASIC is suitable for the following applications:-

  • Water circulation in heating, air conditioning and sanitary systems.
  • Refurbishment or extension of existing systems
  • Recommended for facilities fitted with thermostatic valves
  • Single-family houses or apartment buildings
  • Floor heating systems
  • Improved hydraulics to improve efficiency
  • Spherical rotor
  • Anti-block Technology
  • Two-in-one control
  • Over temperature protection feature
  • Ease of access
  • Automatic air purge

Pump body: Cast iron ( EN-GJL-200 ) cataphoretically coated

Rotor Assembly Group: Stainless steel, Composite material, Carbon

Bearing: Ceramic

Gaskets: EPDM Rubber

Motor Housing: Aluminium

Screw ring: Aluminium

Plug: Polyamide


  • : Flow rate: up to 3,2 m3/h
  • : Head: up to 5,7 m
  • : Maximum power consumption: 23 W (for the 4 m model)
  • : Temperature of pumped liquid: -10°C ÷ +110°C
  • : Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar (PN 10)

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