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The Lowara ecocirc focuses on quick amortisation and short payback times. No compromise in reliability and high efficiency, all with a clear focus on the essentials in mind.

The ecocirc is a truly reliable circulator featuring Anti-Block technology, dry-run protection and inrush current limitation. The Anti-Block technology efficiently prevents magnetite to enter the rotor chamber thus prevents blockage even in old systems. The dry-run protection and the inrush current limitation protect the motor from being overheated if dry running and damaged by high inrush currents.


High efficiency pumps with ECM-technology and permanent magnet rotor. The ecocirc can be operated either on automatically adjusted speed or on manual set speed, which makes it suitable for the following applications:-

  • One & Two Pipe Heating Systems
  • Surface & Underfloor Heating
  • Boiler Feed
  • Solar Stations
  • Anti-Block Protection
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Inrush Current Limitation
  • Efficiency ErP Ready 2015
  • Permanent Magnet Rotor
  • High Efficiency with ECM-technology
  • Shaftless, maintenance-free spherical motor
  • Switchable control options (step-less manually or automatic variable differential pressure)
  • LED operation indicator
  • Pre-wired 2 metre power cord
  • Pump body: Cast iron cataphoretically coated
  • Rotor assembly group: Stainless steel / Composite material / Carbon
  • Bearing: Ceramics
  • Gaskets: EPDM
  • Motor housing: Aluminium
  • Screw ring: Aluminium


  • : Maximum liquid temperature: 110°C
  • : Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • : Delivery: Up to 3.3m/h
  • : IP44 Protection

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