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The Mono M-range pumps are small and compact being specifically designed for a wide range of domestic & light industrial applications

Designed for a wide range of different domestic and light industrial uses which require a steady output pressure and non-pulsing flow, the M Range includes small to medium capacity models. These are available with different voltage power supplies which increases the range of suitable applications. Their 3.45 bar pressure capability is also higher than that of the traditional type of centrifugal pump often used for this type of application.


Typical applications of the Mono M Range include:

  • Cellar drainage
  • Septic tank/cess pit emptying
  • Garden sprinkler systems/irrigation
  • Water supply/sampling from wells, streams & rivers
  • Diesel
  • Water based inks
  • Vegetable oils
  • Non-aggressive chemicals
  • Compact design – The largest model in the range occupies little more than half a cubic foot of space
  • Pumping principle – Contains helical rotor which turns within the stator
  • Reliable performance – The Mono M range will satisfy the toughest duties
  • Easy maintenance –  Simply designed and easily dismantled, maintenance work is minimal
  • Positive pumping action – Ensures steady output pressure and non-pulsing flow with minimal slippage
  • Self-priming – Achieves suction lifts up to 26ft (8m)
  • Smooth, silent running –  Rubber stator ensure quiet running; a very desirable feature for domestic installations.

Body: Close-grained Cast Iron

Rotor – Stainless steel

Stator – Synthetic Nitrile rubber

Shaft seal – Mechanical seal type


Capacity - up to 3,130 l/h
Pressure - up to 3.45 bar
Temperature - up to 70oC

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