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Single stage, in-line centrifugal pumps. Standard motor and mechanical shaft seals.

The pumps are all single-stage, in-Line centrifugal pumps with standard motor and mechanical shaft seals. The pumps are of the close-coupled type, i.e. pumps and motor are separate units.

Two different models of vertical in-line pumps are available. Please note that there are a number of specific product variants available for each model. Detailed information on these variants can be found in Grundfos WebCAPS.

TP(D) Pump

This pump model is characterised by

  • High reliability and efficiency.
  • Quiet, highly efficient IE3 motors are standard components.
  • All TP(D) pumps are electro-coated to ensure a high corrosion resistance.
TPE(D) Pump

TPE(D) motors have:

  • A built-in frequency converter, allowing different control methods to be employed.
  • TPE(D) pumps offer energy saving benefits and increased comfort
  • Optimised hydraulics for high efficiency
  • Reduced power consumption
  • High-efficiency motors IE3 motors
  • Single and twin options available
  • Top-pull-out design
  • In-line pumps allow for straight pipework and thus often reduced installation costs and space
  • The impeller is hydraulically and mechanically balanced to increase the life of motor bearings and shaft seal
  • Pump housing and pump head/motor stool are electrocoated to maintain pump efficiency over a longer period of time
  • TPE, TPED – pumps with built-in frequency converter


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